3 days ago
This weekend we are having a "construction weekend". With everyone building the car at one place, communication is much easier and also quicker. Therefore those construction weekends are very effective. Octanes_News photo
3 weeks ago
With cleaner and release agents from Münch Chemie International GmbH we can laminate the CFRP parts for our #faumax #my and get even better surface qualities. Thanks for your support! Octanes_News photo
3 months ago
Thank you FS Spain for the special Award!

recorded with a potato
3 months ago
Die Octanes sind wieder zurück in Erlangen! Nach ereignisreichen Tagen und einem spannenden Event haben wir folgende Ergebnisse erzielt:
Cost report: 7.
Business Plan: 2.
Design: 8.
Acceleration: 20.
Skid-Pad: 10.
4 months ago
#Throwback to our underbody lightning at the acceleration. This happens when the electrician seems to be bored 😉
Even though we didn't win another award it still was an awesome event. Thank you for having us FSS!
#FSS #FAUmaxlambda
Octanes_News photo