2 weeks ago
After the succesfull rulequizzes we can now announce that we will take part in FS Italy, FS East and, with being the second best combustion team, FS Germany! Our driverless team will join us at FSG, too. Octanes_News photo
2 months ago
High Octane Motorsports wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a lovely holiday with your family and friends!
#Christmas #formulastudent #FAU #racecar #MerryChristmas
2 months ago
This weekend we are having a "construction weekend". With everyone building the car at one place, communication is much easier and also quicker. Therefore those construction weekends are very effective. Octanes_News photo
3 months ago
With cleaner and release agents from Münch Chemie International GmbH we can laminate the CFRP parts for our #faumax #my and get even better surface qualities. Thanks for your support! Octanes_News photo
6 months ago
Thank you FS Spain for the special Award!

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