13 hours ago
High-Octane Motorsports wishes everyone a happy easter!
7 days ago
Vielen Dank an Advonova GmbH Rechtsanwaltschaftsgesellschaft, die uns seit dieser Saison in rechtlichen Fragen bezüglich des Vereins unterstützt!
Advonova GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft…
1 week ago
The parts required for our new car’s steering rack must meet tight tolerances. Many thanks to our faculty's workshop, Mechanikwerkstatt der Technischen Fakultät, who provide us with the…
2 weeks ago
Many thanks to H.P. Kaysser for the laser-cut parts. At Laserteile4you we were able to order most parts for our driverless components as well as for the FAUmax my. Octanes_News photo
2 months ago
After finishing out first exams we waste no time and get right back to work! First stop: final drive assembly #highoctanemotorsports #myincoming #formulastudent