1 month ago
Our Rollout should have been this week but due to obvious reasons it had to be canceled.
Here is a little teaser for what‘s about to come in 2021!
#staysafe #formulastudent
11 months ago
Thanks a lot Siemens for your support over the last years. We're looking forward to working with you in the next season and using your software to improve our racecars!
11 months ago
Thank you Schaeffler for the continous support of our team! With your help we were able to build our driverless car #FAUmaxathena in addition to our combustion car #FAUmaxmy this season!

11 months ago
This weekend @FaSTTUBe stayed at our workshop to prepare their combustion car for formulastudentgermany. We also used this opportunity to go testing together. Now we are ready for FSG!
11 months ago
Yesterday the Autocross Event took place. Unfortunately we had problems with the engine with which we cannot drive the Endurance today. We still wish all the other teams who are competing good luck and a lot of…